Let's rewind the tape back to fall 2010. It was when everything started and the vision about Ådra, which you now hold in your hands (or see on your computer screen) began to emerge.

On a daily basis we came in contact with so many creative souls, creating cool and exciting fashion and artprojects. We wanted to share all the inspiration we met to a larger audience and put the spotlight on the next generation.

The only solution was to create our own magazine where we pick up inspiration and show it for the fashion- and art business. And here we are today!

The first issue have landed and are dedicated to fashion and textile. But our vision in the future is also to provide pictorials consisting of innovative and creative art.

Therefore, we have a lot of collaboration with different scandinavian design- and artschools. Students are so inspiring! And we think showcasing their work might be a healthy inspiration-injection for the fashion- and art industry.

Therefore you will find creations you never have seen before and makes you almost knocked out. You can't buy everything you see, and that's a part of the intention.

Ådra is a pure inspirationboost for fashion geeks. Read it regular and you don?t need to take your vitamins anymore! (joking).

Anyhow, the first issue have landed. A result of strenght, dreams and will. It was a very exciting trip to see our baby grow and we also hope that you can grow with the magazine.